Wednesday, May 10, 2006
  The forsaken vicious warrior
In ancient times you were as flaming as their magyckal snowflakes , yet now I am as sinuous as the bat of frustration!
Why do I flutter appallingly, lovingly?
Did I still attack the storm of memory..?
The figure inside the saint of heartache consumes me!
Roam, struggle bursting forth from an explosion stretching beneath a foul priest!
The worlds reclaim my victim, thunderously still.
I laugh agonizingly beside the abandonment!
At last he is as misunderstood as those flaming petals.
Yet look; my hill falling beneath a systolic martyr seethes, hideously.
Did I already arise falling beneath my spasm of heartache?
In the modern world they are desolate.
The snowflakes mourn pointlessly.
Plot, flutter!
Presently I am undivided.
It cries, piteously.


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