Wednesday, May 17, 2006
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Have you even stopped to think about how life is different now than how it was when you were a child? You know, back in the Good Ole Days. Think about it. What did you have in your house when you were 10 years old? Did you have air conditioning? Color TV? Some of us are older than others. But, there are quite a few differences in living today than just a few decades ago. If you don't really make yourself conscience of them, they can sneak up on you. What would be your idea of the most significant innovation that has come along during your lifetime? A good example for the 1980s might be the VCR. And, the microwave oven. Most of us would agree that the home computer would be the winner for the 1990s. With the home computer, we could do an enormous number of things such as research, making foriegn friends, or looking up almost any subject in the world. Just this morning, I was able to use my computer to check out High School Football Recruiting Online. I never would have dreamed of this when I was a child! Surfing to quality High School Football Recruiting Online takes a lot of though and patience. Coming up with good High School Football Recruiting Online sites is frequently hard.
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